I get this question quite frequently, among others, as starting a nonprofit is not as common as some would think it is. How do you raise money, what do you focus on, where do you get volunteers, and how do you plan on fulfilling wishes?

I have thought of these questions too, many times over and over. I don’t think you can start anything like this without being concerned each and everyday but I also have an overwhelming feeling of confindence like none other I have ever felt in anything else I have done before in my life. This confidence I feel comes from knowing that what I do comes from my desire to help others and continue to fulfill a promise I made to my mother shortly before she died in 2019 from ALS.

At the time I didn’t know how I would fulfill my own mother’s final wish, let alone others, but I knew I would be able to do so. I found that the facilitation of wishes would be the best way to fulfill wishes as the ability of one person to fulfill wishes is difficult, but with the help of others we would be able to fulfill wishes both small and large.

A Heart’s Desire’s Foundation was created to fulfill the final wishes of adults suffering from a terminal illness and create lasting memories for both the patient and their family. The ability to facilitate wishes allows for others who want to help but don’t know how exactly to participate in the fulfillment of those wishes needing to be fulfilled. People genuinely want to help but don’t know how to help. A Heart’s Desires Foundation works to bridge that gap and take those wishes and partner with individuals who are able to help, thus, expanding the reach of who we are able to assist both locally and throughout the metro area and beyond.

The number of nonprofits throughout the country that work to fulfill final wishes for adults is quite small, unfortunately. There is a great need in our local community, metro areas, states, and beyond. Each and every one of us has known someone who has been effected by a terminal illness or condition. The numbers grow each and every single day and it makes me sad that so many of them will not have anyone talk to them and ask them what their final wish might be before they die. Families will suffer in the sight of their loved one which will only add to the agony that is being felt by both the patient and their family members.

What if you could give them one memory that replaces so much personal torment and bad memories? What if you could fulfill one final wish that would bring happiness to an individual or a family and be the thought that they focus on in the time yet to come?

When my mother’s final wish was fulfilled the feeling of relief was overwhelming for not only myself but my wife and children as well. No longer did we think of my mother’s condition with ALS but the fulfillment of her final wish, which was to have one last ride through the Great Smoky Mountains before she died. Once my mother died this was a comforting memory to us as well and has continued to be as such even now going on 3 years later.

My mother’s wish wasn’t fulfilled solely by my own doing but through requests and phone calls and questions. By myself I could not fulfill my mother’s wish by myself as I remembered that as a child my father had promised my mother a new Mercedes but he could never make that happen by himself. I remembered this and I reached out through social media and by facilitating this request for my mother’s final wish others stepped up and facilitated this wish for my mother and my family. I was able to take my mother on her final wish ride in a car of her dreams with my two girls in the back seat and my wife driving the chase vehicle with my mother’s wheelchair in tow.

It is through facilitation that we can continue to grow and increase the number of final wishes that are able to be fulfilled. More adults who have terminal illness affecting both them and their families will be able to enjoy a final wish fulfillment that will create a lasting memory both for themselves and their family members. The ability to affect a life is one of the greatest callings we can have and for the affected person they will know that they and their family are not alone. This is the mission of A Heart’s Desires Foundation.